This site is very ‘personal’ in nature. This site is for the hard-working people who has deeper insights  and interests for different things in life and existence, about science and technology. This site is not for any political leaders or his/her criticism, but this site will encourage if you have deeper theory on political discourse, a hidden pattern that you recognised and want to share with us.  This site is about learning and grow. It is not about recent events in history or politics, but if recent event has theoritical pattern, a historicity associated with it, then you can share it, then it qualifies as an article. You can write about an ‘ant’, a theory behind them, but you can not write why democrates kicked G.W.Bush’s butt for certain elections.

This site will not frequently be updated, it is always spiced with a sense of  ‘classicism’, it will be extremely boring if you have not background information on certain disciplines.

This site is about going ‘backwards’ and analysing the things. There is always a tone of ‘breaking traditional concepts’ here in this site.

If you have any feedback/advice on the site and its topic, or if you want to post your article,  please feel free to send an email and article attachment at : porag@yahoo.com


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