Jibonanondo Daas: Anatomy Of The Death

‘Abar Ashibo Fire, Dhanshirir-y Tire, Ey banglay…..”, one of the most cited poem in Bangla literature. When we read this poem, the images are upfront , take us in this journey. Probably poems like this made Rabindranath commenting on Jibonanondo as ‘Chitro kabbomoy’, in the shed of poetry which means ‘Imagist writing’.

Today’s analysis will try to capture the ‘other side’ of Jibonanondo which was never under stood by his colleagues, nor by the contemporary critiques and the ordinary readers like us. We will introduce another poem ‘Aaat Bochor Agee ….’. folks, you might have more thoughts here as we frequently discussed such topics in our undergrad.

In ‘Aat Boschor Age’, a central character commiteed a suicide despite a ‘lot of offerings’ from this living earth. He had a wife, kids, he was solvent, and poverty was not a issue in this case. But that character ‘Dekhilo she koun Bhuut’ and approached for his destination. The poem ended with a positive tone where the poet glorified the ‘offerings of this life and earth and somewhat made commitment that he will be like the rest of the people whoc love and enjoy the ‘Vaghaar’ of life

Some critiques still believe that Jibonanondo’s suicide is almost pre-written in the lyrics of ‘Aat Bochor Agee..’ The trum driver, later interviewed, told that ‘The man was still walking even when I was buzzing the horn. he did not move from the track’. Please read Abdul Mannan Syed’s articles/books for more information.

Five years later in Alabama, I raised the topic to my Advisor, Dr. Sibabbrata Ray. I used to call him ‘Sibu da’. Sibuda told me ‘ Hannan, Do you know how much slowly the trum used to move at that time?’, I said, ‘No’. he told me “It traveled like a ‘caterpiller’, and if you try to commit suicide under the trum, it is kind’a difficult”. “He(jibonanondo) must have received plenty of warnings before the trum nailed him down, he got plenty of time’.

But again ” Dekhilo she koun bhuut”—The puzzle was not solved. So many occaissons, I tried to have definitive answers from different angles but it still a mystery. As of today, I still believe, I have some partial answer for the puzzle, mostly provided by one of my buddies five years ago. Later I found some notes from Abdul Mannan Syed, that helped make a little progress understanding Jibonanondo’s context.

That buddy told me that the ‘ Connectivity and Interactions to this life/world were absent in Jibonanondo. In his poems where ‘The flies went over the blood, suck them, replenish them with the vigor and vive of life, enjoying every moment’, the Owl hunts for mice, satisfy its inner drive, and express more to do that’ are just the usual perception-’The Joy of living’. But the question was then, “Why did he over-turn this whole offering of this very ‘life’, why he could be an owl or a Fly like his poem?”

In the beginning I tried to explain Jibonanondo with ‘Camus’s idea of absurdity’. The absurdity at that time was perceived by me as a ‘gap between the reality and the world a person lives’. I was theorizing with the assumption that Jibonanodo was suffering from an absurdity/illusion. I knew at that time that Jibonanodo made immense reading about ‘Edger Elan poe’ who almost follwed a path similar to Jibonanodo andled to death . some critiques even believe that the famous ‘Bonolota Sen’ poem was inspired by Poe’s Annabelle Lee’-western version of ‘Natorer Bonolota Sen’. I tried to match ‘Poe’s absurdity with Jibonanondo but later changed my perspective on some findings on Jibonanondo.

I have a ‘personal’ theory which is nothing related to the actual facts or whatsoever and open to discussions. The theory based on Jibonando’s personal life. Jibonanodo was extremely unhappy about his wife and conjugal love.His wife had other involvements’which freaked him out. On different citings Abdul Mannan Syed poinetd some facts out. I believe the ‘tremendous and stunning cravings for love in Bonolota Shen and at the same time the ‘disconnectivity and nonchalanceness’ are stemming from this facts. But I know this assumption is not enough but I am cutting down this discussion now for brevity.

Remember, he commited suicide the day before he was , audition in calcutta radio station, he was at his peak, somehow started getting recognition in literary society.


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